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Equipment Service Request

Let's get that Equipment Back in Operation!

Complete this form and we will contact you for our next steps.  At that time we will discuss where the equipment is, if an estimate is required, etc.  If you don't know something, just do the best you can.

Once you complete this form, you will receive an email confirmation.  If you don't receive it, please check your spam folder.  Please review the email confirmation.  If you need to make changes, additions, or add photos, this is a great time to do so.


Nothing to do here, it's already filled in!

Equipment originally purchased from us, or that has been serviced by us has an MTAG. This unique number allows us to track the service history. If this is your first time for service, we will get one issued for you during this service.


Equipment Type:

Budget for repairs:
We will always try to be under your budget. This helps understand your level of expectation.

Approximate Value of Equipment:
This does not need to be exact. This helps us make a recommendation of replacement vs repairs. Generally, if repairs exceeds 50% of the replacement value, we recommend replacement. Yes, we will certainly make repairs if requested.

When would you like repairs completed by mm/dd/yyyy:
Once we receive this request, we will contact you and make every effort to accommodate your deadline.

Nothing to do here, it's already filled in!

Detailed Description of the Problem:
The more detail we have here the better.
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