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World Class Experience!

That is our goal for each of our very valuable customer relationships.

We have gathered a few of our frequently asked questions to customer service below.

  • How do I contact you?
    • Use this convenient link, or
    • Call us at 800-893-0488
  • What are your hours?
    • 8am - 5pm mst Monday through Friday
  • What are your service areas?
  • We ordered our product online, and would like to check on the order status.  How do we do that?
    • You can manage all your online orders and information with this link.
  • Do you have a credit application?
    • Absolutely!  We have made it available online with this link.
  • How do we return a product?
    • NOTE:  Special Orders are not returnable.
    • Requesting an Return Merchandise Authorization is super fast and easy.  Use this link and we will get started.
  • We would like to pay our bill.  Can we do this online?
    • Absolutely!  Follow this link, and pay any amount safely and securely with a credit card or check.
  • I would like some help in taking care of our facility.  Do you have any recommendations?
    • The place to start is with our Facility Survey.  This is the form that our own staff uses when making recommendations to a new facility.  When you complete the form, or even a small portion of it, we can provide you some recommendations.
  • We have other businesses and friends that we would like to refer to you.  What is the best way?
    • We have a Referral Program.  If we start to do business with the person or business that you referred, we provide you a $50 credit!  It's easy, get started right here.
  • How do I subscribe or manage my subscription to your Newsletter?
    • We take our email newsletters seriously.  Our newsletters contain valuable information that is only released to our customers that have subscribed.  There may be an occasion that you may need to unsubscribe (we can't think of one) from our newsletters.  We always include an unsubscribe link.  This does not effect our communication.  We are still able to send each other emails just fine.  Use this link to subscribe or manage your newsletter preferences.