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How to Select the Correct Trash Bag Size

Measuring for Correct Trash Bag Size


  • Bag Width:  Use one-half of the outer circumference of the container.
  • Bag Length:
    • Round Containers:  Use the height of the container, plus one-half of the diameter of the container, plus 3-6 inches, (for overhang or tie).
    • Square or Rectangular Containers:  Use the height of the container, plus the longer diagonal of the bottom of the container, plus 3-6 inches, (for overhang or tie).
  • We only use the Manufacturer "Top Number" for gallon rating.  In other words we show a 55 to 60 gallon Trash bag as 60 Gal (you can always put less in :-)
  • One of the most Environmentally Preferred decisions you can make in trash bag selection is choosing from what is in stock in our warehouse.  We stock the most popular sizes.  Once you determine the Width and Length you need, select the matching size, or the next size up.
  • Pro-Tip:  Reduce trash bag usage and labor by tying them around top of trash can.  It takes 1 minute to remove and replace a trash bag.  It takes 30 seconds to simply empty a trash can with a trash bag secured inside.  In a facility with 100 trash cans, that's a reduction of 100 trash bags and 50 minutes of labor.  $35 per day saved!


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Trash Bag - Container Cross Reference Guide
Image Container Style Size Gal. Standard Liner Size
Wastbaskets XSmall 4 20X22
Small 7 24X23
Wastebastkets Small 10 24X32
Step-On Cans Small 12 30X36
Medium 18 30X36
Step-On Cans Medium 23 30X36
Half-Round Medium 21 33X39
Round Medium 22 30X36
Square Medium 19 30X36
Square Medium 23 33X39
Square Large 35 40X46
Slims Medium 16 33X39
Slims Medium 23 40X46
Torpedo Medium 15 30X36
Torpedo Medium 25 40X46
Round Small 10 24X32
Round Medium 20 30X36
Round Medium 32 33X39
Round Large 44 40X46
Round Large 55 43X47
Outdoor Large 56 43X47
Outdoor Large 35 40X46
Outdoor Large 45 43X47
55 Gallon Drum Large 55 38X58


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