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How to Clean and Stock a Hotel Room in 31 Minutes

Stock and Organize cart (Not included in cleaning time since this will be for all rooms clean)

  •  Identify how many rooms you will be cleaning the appropriately stock all linens, towels, bags, and bathroom supplies needed.  Tip - Grab some extra large trash bags for emergencies.
  • Fill your cleaning chemical bottles completely so that you don't run out. 

Strip Beds, Pillowcases and Soiled Towels (2 minutes)

  •  Strip the beds of all sheets and pillowcases. At the same time - inspect mattresses, pillow protectors, blankets and quilts for stains. Only change if necessary.  Remove these soiled linens plus the towels from the bathroom and place into a soiled linens bag on cart or in hallway.

Make the bed (2 minutes)

  •  Make the bed by spreading the bottom sheet over the mattress. Tuck the sheet at the top end of the bed only.  Next, spread the top sheet, then the blanket. If the triple sheet method is used, spread it over the top of everything. 
  • Now, tuck the sheets and the blanket all together on 3 sides of the bed, with hospital corners at the bottom.  There is NO need to round that bed more than once or twice!
  • Smooth the top sheet, quilt or duvet whatever is being used on top, over the bed and make it look nice and neat.
  • Stand covered pillows at the head of the bed. Apply bed accessories (footers and throw pillows) as per hotel decor.
Pick up all loose trash and remove  (1 minutes)
  •  Remove the trash liners from the cans and insert any loose trash from around the room and bathroom. Check interior of drawers and leave them open or out if it needs a cleaning.

Clean Kitchenette and Dust furniture  (8 minutes)

  • Spray interior of microwave, then coffee maker and then refrigerator with sanitizer and let sit.  Then start wiping clean the microwave  -  First the exterior with glass cleaner then interior. 
  • Wipe clean coffee maker - First the exterior then the interior. 
  • Wipe clean the refrigerator - First the exterior then interior.
  • Next With a microfiber  cloth and glass cleaner start cleaning  from left to right around the room - Start with mirrors, glass, TV /Remote and any shiny surfaces. Then telephone, chairs, dressers, window sills, headboard, walls, baseboards, heat/air units and any other hard surface. Adjust curtains per hotel instructions.

Clean the bathroom  (10 minutes)

  •  Spray with bathroom cleaner inside of sink, inside and outside of the toilet and then a heavy spray inside of shower, curtain and tub basin.  Leave sit for dwell time.
  • With a microfiber cloth and glass cleaner start cleaning (light soil to heavy soil)  mirror, then faucet, then counter, then sink. 
  • Wipe clean toilet - top to base then using a brush scrub interior of bowl and flush.
  • Using clean microfiber, clean shiny chrome fixture first, then wipe clean shower walls from top to bottom. Work your way down inside of tub to the drain. If needed, apply abrasive cleaner to base , rinse and wipe with microfiber to remove grit. Close curtain as directed by hotel policy. 
  • Using clean microfiber, spot wipe walls and doors with a damp rag.  On hands and knees, starting from the furthest point away from the door- thoroughly clean floor.  Work you way to the exit.

Stock with Supplies  (3 minutes)

  •  Gather all the supplies needed including towels and amenity supplies for the bathroom and room - putting small items and extra liners inside of a trash liner to make 1 trip. 
  • Stock bathroom towels and amenities, then the other areas including relining the trash cans.

Vacuum  (5 minutes)

  •  Final step is to vacuum starting from the furthest away from the door and vacuum backwards getting to all areas until you reach the entrance door. Close door and you are finished!
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