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How to Clean a Window in Less that 1 minute

If you want an easy way to get your windows cleaned - then this is for you!

1. Remove the dust, dirt and spiderwebs (10 seconds)

  • Remove the majority of the dirt by using a brush or dry rag before you start. This will prevent more of a mess once you start using liquids.

2. Optional - Cleaning the Screens (this will take an additional 10-15 seconds)

  • Depending on how dirty your screens are,  simply take a hand held whisk broom and gently sweep both sides. If needed use a damp microfiber and lightly wipe the surfaces and frame.

3. Clean glass, sills and frame (30 seconds)

  • Thoroughly saturate the surface of the window with glass cleaner, then with a damp microfiber cloth scrub the window.  Make sure to wash thoroughly!  TIP:  It is important that the surface does not dry out so not working in the direct sunlight is optimal.

4.  Dry all surfaces (20 seconds)

  • Skip the squeegee and use a clean dry microfiber cloth.  Start at the top, work from side to side until you reach the bottom.   TIP: Fold your Microfiber cloth into quarters and flip often!  If you prefer to use paper towels or wipers, make sure they are high quality that do not lint
  • Once the glass is dry, go back to the top and dry the edges and frame.  Work your way to the bottom and the sill.
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