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How to Clean an Office in 5 minutes

These are the steps to successfully clean an office in 5 minutes.  The standard office is 10 feet x 10 feet with 1 desk and carpeted.

Stock and Organize Cart (Not included in cleaning time since this will be for all office areas)

  • Using a cart or a caddie,  gather all of your dusters, microfiber cloths, cleaning chemicals, toilet paper, paper towels and trash liners.  Tip - Grab some extra large trash bags for emergencies.
  • Completely fill your cleaning chemical bottles completely so that you don't run out. 

1st Pass - High Dusting: (1 minute)

  • With an extension duster and starting at the door and working from left to right around the room.
  • DRY dust high areas above 5 feet including dust on ceiling vents, light fixtures, tops of credenzas and bookshelves, cobwebs in corners, window blinds, and picture frames. 
  • TIP: When dusting a picture or mirror hold a corner with 1 hand and dust with the other to prevent the items from falling.

2nd Pass - Low Cleaning (2 Minute)

  • Fold your microfiber cloth into quarters. Spray your cloth with an appropriate cleaner until just damp. Do not spray the surfaces as this could damage electronics and paperwork.
  • Wipe from top to bottom surfaces from 5 feet to floor including desks, tables, electronics, chairs, window sills and heat registers. Remember to spot wipe glass, door handles and kick plates and walls .
  • TIP: Fold your microfiber cloth when it gets dirty or before you clean a shiny or glass surface.

3rd Pass - Remove Trash (30 seconds)

  • Remove trash from cans and replace liners when necessary.  TIP:  Tie off the top if the bag is too large and ALWAYS push the base of the liner to the bottom of the trash can.
  • Wipe exterior of trash can when needed

4th Pass - Mop (30 Seconds)

  • Damp mop floors and chair mats using your mop on your cart.

5th Pass - Vacuum Carpet and Rugs (1 minute)

  • Vacuum carpet and rugs (using a Backpack style Vacuum) including under desks and tables. TIP:  Find a central outlet to plug in your vacuum and NEVER unplug any electronic equipment.
  • Push in and straighten chairs and trash cans as you move out the door.
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