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Dispenser Request

Let's get that broken dispenser back in operation!

Our dispenser warranty is SIMPLE!  As long as you are purchasing the product from us to fill the dispensers, we will warranty the dispensers with NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

Please, before you ask us to ship you a new dispenser, take a moment and look at our Dispenser Best Practices.  There are times when dirt, batteries, etc... have caused a dispenser to become inoperable.  If that does not fix it, then let's get started!

What we cover:

  • Any dispenser purchased from us, using the associated product purchased from us.
  • Conditions:  NONE!  Yes, that's pretty bold.  With that said, there are times when a dispenser is unavailable.  We have many manufacturers that we represent and will get you back on a program with a new dispenser ASAP!

What is not covered:

  • Shipping.
  • Installation.



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