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Papernet - Dissolve Tech

Dissolve Tech!

No more Clogs. Paper towels that dissolve. 

  • In contact with water, dissolves in 3 minutes.
  • Reduces the risks of clogs in pipes in any facility.
  • Reduce the expense of plumbing emergency calls.
  • Absorbency and strength are comparable to a traditional hand towel.
  • 30% Cost Savings!  Normal hand drying requires 3 regular towels.  Only 2 Dissolve Tech towels are required.
  • Dissolve Tech has a very high wet strength that ensures the resistance and absorbency of a normal hand towel during hand drying. After three minutes, the hand towels strength dissipates, making Dissolve Tech behave in a similar way to toilet paper.
  • Dissolve Tech is a Papernet exclusive product that owes its original formula to years of scientific research and technological innovation.