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Natur-Tec ... Pricing and Product Announcement

I hope you are well.   I wanted to send you an update to the Natur-Tec product offering and price list --

 First, we always look to ensure we have the right product solutions available to ensure we're meeting market demands. Over the next few months, we're making the following changes to our stock product program:

 (1)   Based on market feedback, the 3‐gallon bag (NTNT1025-X-00009) was over-engineered and too large, often putting us at a price disadvantage. The new 3‐gallon offering will still fit the standard kitchen countertop compost containers while remaining strong enough to handle the required job. By right‐sizing the 3‐gallon bag, we're not only using less material, but we're able to offer a  12.6% savings. This product will replace the previous 3‐gallon and is ready to ship now.   Neither the pack set-up nor the part number has changed.   

(2)   The new 5‐gallon bag (NT1025-X-00038) will address a gap we had in our product line, and is an ideal solution for the 5‐gallon buckets often used in food scrap collection.  We project this liner will be available to ship in October 2017.    

(3)   Due to lack of sales, we've decided to discontinue the 15‐gallon liner (NTNT1025-X-00027). This liner is very close to our popular 13‐gallon offering.  We will still offer this item as a custom offering.


For your review and reference, attached is the updated pricing.


Thank You and Best Regards,


Julie Schumacher

Customer Service Specialist

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