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Clean, Disinfect AND Deodorize in minutes with Quat-Stat 5!

Quat-Stat 5

Hospital disinfection with a contact time of just 5 minutes. This one-step registered cleaner and disinfectant offers excellent cleaning performance on a wide variety of surfaces. It cleans, disinfects and deodorizes. An added bonus is that in comes in a fresh lavender scent! 

  • 5-minute dwell time

  • Effective yet economical; ½ oz. per gallon dilution (1:256)

  • Efficacy against Norovirus

  • Save labor cost with 5-minute dwell time

  • Can be used through an auto-scrubber

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Use the products below for best application!

Plain Quart Spray Bottle

Trigger Sprayer

Microfiber Cloth