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Toilet paper that PROTECTS your pipes and saves you MONEY!

Bio Tech is a unique, innovative toilet paper that utilizes biologically active toilet paper technology.  Bio Tech is 100% environmentally friendly and dermatologically tested.   Great for us in septic systems, portable toilets, and RV's.  

It contains five different types of microoganisms, each designed to target the major causes of organic waste build-up in pipes. This will greatly reduce maintenance costs for pipes and sewer systems at your facility.  Leaving money in your pocket.

How Bio Tech works:

  • When toilet paper comes into contact with water, the good microorganisms are activated, producing enzymes that will feed on organic matter present.
  • Microorganisms will reproduce exponentially and intensify their cleaning action.
  • Good microorganisms will contribute to reducing the bad microorganisms by consuming their food. 
  • Once their actions are complete, the microorganisms will fully biodegrade. 
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