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Are your batteries truly working?

Let’s talk batteries. 

Most people take batteries for granted and do not think to maintain them (yes batteries need maintenance). 


Wet lead acid batteries:


Wet lead Acid Batteries require water for them to function. Keeping the water at the optimal level provides a better charge and increases longevity.

The optimal fill range for wet cell batteries is an 1/8th inch above the cellular grid. Too much water can cause the battery to boil over and too little water can cause damage to the cells.

Always check the water level on your batteries after charging, this ensures the protection of the cells and increases their ability to take a charge. Filling the battery before charging can cause the water to boil over.


Using standard tap water causes a build up on the cells and can lead to permanent damage and shorten the life of the battery.


Check the water levels before every use.

Keeping your batteries maintained can increase their longevity and keep your machine running smoothly.


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