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Daily Floor Care


  • Remove excess waste solids by sweeping, wiping or dry dust mopping.  
  • Are they Wet Solids? Use a heavy duty push broom or squeegee and picking up and removing any large debris.
  • Are they Dry Solids? - Use a fine duty push broom or dust mop to remove solids, including dust.


  • In Heavy traffic areas you may need to loosen stuck on soils with a deck brush or Doodlebug and cleaning chemical prior to your main cleaning


  • Hand mopping smaller areas, you will use a mop and bucket and here are some tips:
  1. Start in the area furthest away from the water source
  2. Clean along the edges and corners first in about a 20 x 20 area, then mop the middle, then walking backwards making 8  patterns, mop thoroughly, overlapping by 50% each time. 
  3. Rinse you mop often and change the bucket when you can not see the bottom of the bucket due to soils in the water. 
  • OR Using an Auto Scrubber, you will need to make sure that you:
  1. machine and squeegee are prepared and filled with the correct cleaning chemical and pad.
    Make sure to make passes with at least a 25% overlap.  If the floor is very dirty, then this will need to be 100% overlap
  2. Make sure that your speed is set to the level of cleaning needed. The dirtier the floor surface is the slower you will need to progress - remember that the solution and machine need time to work! 
  3. Final step to Auto Scrubbing is to TRAIL MOPPING - Use your mop and bucket to clean the corners and edges of the entire area.  These areas typically are not as dirty as the traffic areas, but still need a mopping each time.

Recommended Shopping List

Neutral Floor Cleaner:

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