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We can only ship to the Continental United States.  We offer some of the best pricing available. We cater to both small orders (one case of a product), and large orders (entire truck loads). Shipping is calculated in real time during checkout. If during checkout, you receive a message, "We will confirm shipping charges before sending", please leave the items in your cart, and contact us.  You may call us at 800-893-0488 or use this link.  We will quote you shipping, and add the item to your cart.  If you are OK with this, you may proceed to checkout.

Option 1, Fedex Ground or UPS Ground
Shipping is based upon a real time rate quote from Fedex and UPS.  During checkout, the rate will be quoted, if the order is ok, you may continue with checkout.

Option 2, Delivery by our Truck
If we are shipping to a location served by our local trucks, our professional staff can deliver your products.  This option will appear during checkout if your Zip Code is available for our service.