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Dispenser Guides - Installs to Troubleshooting

Whether you are installing new dispensers, replacing existing, or troubleshooting, this is your place for information!  This covers all dispensers including:  Toilet Paper, Hand Towels, Soap, Chemicals, Deodorizers, Feminine Napkins, etc.


  • Dispensers should always have an easy, no questions asked warranty.  Ours do.  Your only obligation is to purchase the product that runs through the dispenser from us.


  • Paper and Soap - we always recommend 1 more than necessary.  This really goes a long way towards a positive user experience.
    • Increased traffic capacity.  More people can dry their hands at the same time.
    • Redundancy.  If a dispenser runs out of product or batteries, there is another one ready to serve.


  • Place the dispenser where there is room around the dispenser to insert the key and open/refill the dispenser.
  • You should always strive for ADA Compliance.  ADA Guidelines can be found here.
  • Before drilling: Make sure to cover the holes from previous dispensers. The dispenser is straight. The dispenser is where you want it.
  • Use three to four anchors and screws to secure the dispenser to the wall.
  • Correctly fill the dispenser.
  • Test the dispenser a couple of times to make sure the dispenser is functioning properly before you leave the area.
  • Train the appropriate service personnel how to load and maintain the dispenser.


  • If the dispenser uses batteries, are the batteries bad and need to be replaced?
  • Is the product placed in the dispenser correctly?
  • Is the dispenser dirty?  Paper produces a decent amount fiber lint which can clog the dispensers moving parts making them inoperable.
  • Is there is any paper jammed in the dispenser?
  • If you have determined a new dispenser is necessary, complete this request.
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