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  • What is the most effective way to service my facility?
  • How long should it take?
  • Are we using the correct and optimized product?
  • Is there a piece of equipment that can help us?
  • Can we standardize?

All of the above are GREAT questions we work to help you with.

Time is one of the most valuable commodities there is. 

  • If you don't have enough staff, time management becomes more critical.
  • If you have enough staff, making sure the time is spent to maximize effectiveness is key to a Total Quality Management Program.

Defining how long something takes to clean sets level of expectation and helps to quantify efficiency changes.

There are two ways to quantify cleaning times.

Process Based - The total cleaning process is comprised of

  • Preparation - Gather supplies, get your game face on!
  • Order - On a macro scale, what order of rooms in a facility.  On a micro scale, what order of tasks in a room.
  • Tasks - Every task has an amount of time associated with it.
  • Putaway - Return your tools and restock for the next day.

This is the most accurate, method of calculating cleaning times.

Production Rates - A properly trained person, using professional cleaning products and equipment can clean at the rate of XXX square feet per hour.  This is a good "quick" method to get an estimate.  Care must be taken when using production rate numbers.  Applying a production rate used for a medical facility to a hotel room will yield very inaccurate results.

Our cleaning times presented are all "Process Based".  This helps to identify areas for improvement.  An example of this is vacuuming carpet.  If vacuuming is one of the tasks that comprises the total process, then taking a look at what type of vacuum is used and how it effects time and quality makes sense.

- We were losing 1 hour per day per facility per person using single motor upright vacuums. - Building Service Contractor.

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We have been providing professional cleaning products and services for over 30 years.  Helping our partners build a process cleaning program is a part of the relationship with  If you would like a professional process estimate in your facility, contact us to let us know. 




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